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Get Healthy To Lose Weight

You do not lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight.  If you focus on the weight, you will not necessarily get healthy; some weight loss methods such as pre-packaged food diets, starvation diets, medication, gastric bypass –these things are not healthy. You may lose weight, but you end up gaining the weight right back.

So to lose weight, you must get healthy first.

What I mean about getting healthy is first:

1. Get your energy back
2. Get your sleep handled
3. Fix the digestion
4, Get rid of the cravings
5. Fix the menstrual issues or hormonal issues.

Healthy means you are not on medication. . . your body simply works
correctly and you have a lot of vitality. So change your goal to get healthy.
It is most likely something triggered your weight gain:

  • Pregnancy

  • A Stress Event

  • An Illness

All of these are stress events that can cause weight gain.

Re-focus your energy on losing weight to getting healthy and you WILL lose the weight in a direct relationship to your health.
Instead focus on:

  • Losing the cravings

  • Increasing energy

  • Getting good, healthy sleep

  • Creating a higher tolerance for stress to avoid stress related weight gain

Then the weight will come off and stay off for the long term!

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