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Artemy Doronin

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By February 2011, the House of Dior was in scandal after accusations of John Galliano making anti-Semitic remarks made international headlines: the company found itself in a "public relations nightmare."[37] Galliano was fired in March and the scheduled presentation of his Fall-Winter 2011/2012 ready-to-wear collection went ahead without him, amid the controversy, on 4 March.[38] Before the start of the show, chief executive Sydney Toledano gave a sentimental speech on the values of Christian Dior and alluded to the family's ties to The Holocaust.[39] The show closed with the staff of the atelier coming out to accept applause in the absence of their artistic director. (The previous January 2011 presentation of Spring-Summer 2011 haute-couture was the last appearance of Galliano on the Dior runway.) The company went on ahead and appointed Bill Gaytten as head designer interim in absence of artistic director.[40] Gaytten had worked under Galliano for Dior and for the John Galliano label. The first haute-couture collection (for the Fall-Winter 2011 season) under Gaytten's management was presented in July and was received with mainly negative reviews.[41][42] Meanwhile, speculation remained for months as it was unknown who would be selected to replace Galliano. During its 13-month period of having no artistic director, Dior began undergoing subtle changes in its designs as the influence of the theatrical and flamboyant Galliano faded. The all-new resigned was launched in late 2011.

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Ok, so... I just got Valentino Uomo Intense 2 days ago. I wore it today for the second time and I absolutely love it. I finally got into my 4th sample box from Alexandria and when I sprayed "Leather Intense" on, I realized that it's very difficult to tell the difference between the two. I'm not the best at deciphering notes, but it seems like this is a mix between Valentino Uomo Intense and Prada L'homme Intense. I love both of those fragrances, so that's definitely a compliment. Not sure if I'll buy a full bottle of this since I JUST got the Uomo Intense, but "Leather Intense" will definitely take the place of Uomo Intense should Valentino ever discontinue it. Prada L'homme Intense is already discontinued. If I smelled Leather Intense first, I probably wouldn't have purchased the Uomo or L'homme. The three mentioned scents smell that similar (to me, at least). 041b061a72


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