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Mahmood Gusev


zadigusbdriverforbflasic is a software driver that allows users to create their own firmwares for Pentium-II, Pentium-III, Pentium-IV, Pentium-M, NetBurst, Celeron, Atom, i686 and AMD Geode processor architectures, based on the work of Ingo Turski and Tobi Delbruck. The driver doesn't support any hardware on architectures that use a translation look-aside buffer, such as i486 or P6.


ZadigUSB is another framework that allows using Zadig in Linux systems. It is an easy to use framework that can be used to setup a USB device supporting Zadigs OSD (On Screen Display), such as Apples AirPlay. ZadigUSB aims to make Zadig easy to use in linux, the script zadigusbdriverforbflasic is the easy to use driver wrapper that allows using it in linux without any code in linux.

zadigusbdriverforbflasic is a zadig client for Android and iOS. It is written by opendetector and released under the Apache 2 License, Version 2.0 . You can learn more about zadig at opendetector .

zadigusbdriverforbflasic is a single-module deployable module that accepts device configuration from zadig and accesses it through NDK. It can be used stand-alone on an Android device or within an existing Android app.

zadigusbdriverforbflasic is a zadig utility that takes an usb device and scans it for known devices. if a known device is found, it reports the device information to the standard output. if no device is found, it reports an error.

currently, zadigusbdriverforbflasic is only able to discover devices that are compatible with the usb cdc (communication device class) specification. for instance, the only devices that zadigusbdriverforbflasic is able to find are usb cdc devices. it uses the standard usb class descriptors and class drivers from's usb class index.


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