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13 : The Man Behind The Curtain ((INSTALL))

Meanwhile Dolltaki plays dress up with his new favourite doll, Pan, when suddenly he is ordered to another room by an unknown assailant. Dolltaki heads into a secret room where he speaks to Dr. Myuu through a screen, the brilliant scientist behind it all. Dolltaki is scolded by Dr. Myuu for awakening Luud before he was at full power as Luud is losing.

13 : The Man Behind the Curtain

It's this "man behind the curtain" world of music production that industry veterans Dan Levitin and Sandy Pearlman plan to unveil in a new undergraduate course they'll be co-teaching at McGill in September.

This type of bath requires the most assistance. Allow the patient to help as much as they are able to. First, ensure that the room is warm and there is privacy by shutting windows, closing doors, or drawing a curtain closed. Secure all the necessary toiletries, clean bed linen, washcloths, clean clothes, disposable washbasin, disposable apron, bath towels, patient toiletries, linen skip, disposable wipes, a plastic bag to dispose of wipes, and non-sterile gloves if needed for protection or patient preference. Have a urinal or bedpan on hand, as warm water may cause the patient to need to urinate. Ensure that the patient's bed is at the proper height.

did Jacob save Sayid from sharing Nadia's fate? Or did he see to it that Nadia died so that Sayid would go about the path that would lead him back to the Island?Nadia only stopped and turned suddenly because Sayid was behind her. If they'd kept walking together, I think they both make it across the street fine.

Man, I wish that we Atlantic Canadians had had a three hour buffer like last time - it gave me time to write something. Instead, my review (which you can read here if you so desire) ended up with 5000 words in two hours, and I still didn't effectively get a chance to sift through everything I wanted to. I don't think it's an issue of length or format, but time: there just isn't enough of it for it to all sink in.I think my one major issue with the finale was Juliet's "death" having so little to do with the pureness of her character: what was always so charming about Juliet was that she wasn't there based on fate, but had been trying to help her sister, and trying to save children, and got swept up in all of this. She didn't leave behind a life of crime or drug abuse or divorce, but someone who loved her. That she dies, or presumably dies, without achieving that goal, and because of her allegiance to these people, just doesn't sit right with me.And as for losing Terry O'Quinn playing Locke, as long as it means Michael Emerson fitting into the Locke role a little bit on the "good" side of things I think it might be worth it.Great finale, looking forward to seeing how the discussion is developing in the days ahead.

Woooooo!I am so glad that Locke is truly dead. (At least I am going to assume he is.) I never forgave him for what he did in the Season 3 finale - kill Naomi.So I wonder who that was talking with Jacob as the Black Rock arrived, who later disguised himself as Locke. Notice that he was dressed in black and Jacob in white? Were they Order and Chaos? I was reminded of the Black and White Guardians of Time from the Tom Baker era 'Doctor Who', which is kind of fitting for this series.Even if it means that she's gone for good, I'm glad that Juliet got to have the final scene. If she doesn't come back, what a way to go out. When they showed her mini-flashback and no Jacob showed up, I had a feeling something was off. But I left myself open to the possibility that it was because she wasn't on 815 like the others. (But then again, neither was Illana, and she got a visit from Jacob.)Well, the long hue and cry of this season was answered - where was Bernard, Rose, and Vincent? Nice to see they cast an older dog for Vincent.I really thought we'd see Charlie or Libby in the finale. Having just seen Cynthia Watros in an episode of 'In Plain Sight', I thought maybe she'd be free to do this. I want me some actual ghosts! And when Sun turned the cradle upright, I thought we'd be treated to a surprise appearance by Claire, despite reports that she won't be back until next season.That would at least have given Sun something of interest to do. She seemed to be in the finale just to ask exposition questions.Recognized that building behind Jacob when he was sitting on the bench. So it was just a matter of waiting for the crash from above.All in all, my favorite moment was when Sawyer kicked Jack in his bad twins......

Observations:There are two forces behind all of this. Jacob, who we've heard about but never seen before tonight, and Man #2.Man #2 wants to kill Jacob, but he can't do it himself. He needs Richard to get him in to see him and he needs someone else to actually do the deed.Throughout the first few seasons, the smoke monster is sizing up the Losties, scanning their brains, looking for someone he can manipulate and own completely and utterly.He finds that man in John Locke, a sad man who will place his trust in anyone and anything that tells him he's destined for something better.Throughout the first few seasons, a series of miraculous events happen that make Locke think that "the Island" has a special destiny for him."The Island" in this case is Man #2. He fixes Locke's legs, appears to him in the cabin, heals his bulletwound in the pit etc. etc. Man #2/Smokey appears to Locke as Christian Shepherd to tell Locke that he has to die and bring all his friends back.This is all just Man #2's plan to put Locke into position.Locke is made leader of the Others because Locke told Richard in 1957 that he would eventually be their leader. It's a paradox. Richard gave him all the tests and Locke failed them all. Locke wasn't meant to be the Other's leader, it was all a clever trick played on them by Man #2.Irony alert: When jack finally stands up for Locke to tell Richard to give him a chance, Locke is actually dead. Heh. Jack is completely wrong.So LOST is the story of Man #2 running a looooooong con on Locke and, through him, The Others (who are Jacob's people). The final key moment is when he takes Locke's form and tells Richard to send real Lock on his journey.Ok. So through this con, Man #2 is able to trick the Others into seeing Locke as their leader and get Locke out of the way so he can impersonate him. This will get him in the door.As for Ben, all season long, we've been watching Man #2 run another con on Ben to get him to turn on Jacob. When Ben tried to summon the smoke monster, it didn't work, because the smoke monster was standing right next to him. Then the smoke monster led him away to the temple where it took the form of Alex to lie to Ben some more. The goal is to coopt Ben.Meanwhile, Jacob has been executing his own plan, a kind of backup plan that will have the Losties resetting time to undo the work that Man #2 is doing. In this episode we see Jacob putting his plan into place, making stuff happen so that the Losties will be sent back in time where they can reset things. perhaps Jacob realized he was going to get killed this time around and tried to plan for that eventuality.So yeah, Christian = Claire = Ecko's brother = Smokey = Man #2 = "The Island"It's very moving to learn that Locke was really just a big dumb patsy from day 1. His confidence was all based on false premises.Other thoughts:That was the last of Rose and Bernard. Their story is finished. I doubt we see them again.I also doubt we see Juliet again. Like Rose and Bernard, she chose her fate and went out on her own terms. She's "retired" from the game, so to speak.So LOST has really just been one long con to put Locke into leadership of the Others so man #2 can get close to him and kill him.I am ok with this. I think it's pretty awesome, actually.

ok sooo first of all this finale was amazing!!! i loved the flashbacks and they ways that they connected older parts of the show back into the finale. Now getting to some major points! * Now that we know that Locke is really dead and that the person guiding everyone for the last few episodes was this Man #2, al lot of things seem to make so much more sense! Like how Christian Shepard was on the island alive! This, in my mind, had to have been Man #2 already setting things up for his plan and working on Locke. * And it seems to me that whoever this Man #2 is, he can make himself look like anyone who is dead on the island (Christian, Alex and Locke, if not others). * I also did not like the way that Juliet kept changing her mind, i mean its not like they're planning on detonating an H-bomb or anything? and the whole about Jack and Kate was a little annoying. I for one felt that Jack was never there for anyone but himself. But i was oh so sad to see the lengths he would go to try and fix something that seems like it was never meant to be.* Now the one main thing i cannot make sense of is this- if Man #2 has been the one behind getting the Losties to the island to kill Jacob, then why was Jacob also trying to get them to the island?? and does this throw the whole destiny thing out of the window since they were all being set up in a way?* Also, anyone else think that maybe the statue was destroyed by the bomb in the 70's???* Jacob was an idiot to respond to Ben in the way he did after his little speech, so in a way he had that coming! * Is it possible to say that maybe Jacob knew what was going to happen? Remember, he did ask Ilana for help! thats all i can think of now, but i definitely need to watch it again! cant wait til the DVD comes out and of course, the 6th and final season begins! 041b061a72


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