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Henry Rogers
Henry Rogers

Watch The Google Cloud Next Day One Keynote Live Right Here

CLAIRE: Oh, I'm a fan of machine learning. So some of those and the big data ones are probably my favorites. They really run the range, though. Like, there's some very beginner ones. There's one that's just how to set up a virtual machine, right, which is like some pretty basic level entry level for cloud, all the way through to machine learning and complicated language-specific, like platform-specific-- running this language on this platform and deploying it to this type of server. They get pretty complex to give you an idea of how to do cloud operations.

Watch the Google Cloud Next day one keynote live right here

So even if you are not able to travel physically here, thanks to the podcast, I hope you're having a little bit of an inside view. And you can also do all the code labs. You can go watch the keynote extended events. And the extended events are not necessarily at the same dates, which means that you should definitely check it out, because maybe it's next week or in a couple of weeks. And you still have the chance to join them.

Get an all-access pass to take in the full experience or pick only what you need to level up your skills. As always, you can grab a free virtual pass to tune in to the keynote presentations live from anywhere in the world.

Keynote(s): The Keynote is always full of announcements of new technologies and products. Starting last year, the keynote is now split into two: the general (business-friendly) one and the developer-oriented keynote; the second one is probably more interesting if you are a developer. You can re-watch both keynotes here: =ogfYd705cRs and =flU42CTF3MQ


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