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How to Get Free Cartel Coins in SWTOR Without Using a Generator

How to Get Free Cartel Coins in SWTOR Without Using a Generator

Cartel coins are a premium currency in Star Wars: The Old Republic that can be used to buy cosmetic items, unlocks, boosts, and more from the Cartel Market. However, buying cartel coins with real money can be expensive, and using a cartel coins generator can be risky and illegal. Fortunately, there are some legitimate ways to earn free cartel coins in SWTOR without using a generator. Here are some of them:

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  • Achievements: Some achievements in SWTOR reward you with cartel coins when you complete them. These achievements are usually challenging or time-consuming, but they can be a fun way to earn some extra coins while playing the game. You can find a list of all the cartel coin achievements and how to do them here[^1^]. You can also check your progress on these achievements by opening your legacy panel and clicking on the achievements tab.

  • Security Key: If you add a security key to your account, you will get 100 free cartel coins every month as a bonus. A security key is a device or an app that generates a unique code every time you log in to your account, adding an extra layer of protection against hackers. You can learn how to install a security key here[^1^]. You will also get access to a special vendor that sells exclusive items for security key users.

  • Referral Link: If you are a subscriber or a former subscriber, you can use your referral link to invite other players to join SWTOR or return to the game. For every new player who uses your link and subscribes, you will get 600 cartel coins. For every former subscriber who uses your link and re-subscribes, you will get 100 cartel coins. You can also get some bonus items and rewards for using a referral link yourself. You can find your referral link by logging in to your account on the official website and clicking on "Friends of SWTOR".

These are some of the ways you can get free cartel coins in SWTOR without using a generator. Remember, using a generator can be dangerous for your account and your computer, as it may contain viruses or malware, or get you banned from the game. It is also unfair to other players who pay for their cartel coins or earn them legitimately. So, avoid using a generator and enjoy SWTOR with these safe and legal methods instead.

Now that you have some cartel coins, you may be wondering how to spend them wisely. The Cartel Market offers a wide range of items and services, but not all of them are worth your coins. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your cartel coins:

  • Check the Featured and Newly Added sections: These sections often have discounts, promotions, and new items that may interest you. You can also find some exclusive items that are only available for a limited time or in limited quantities. For example, you may find rare mounts, outfits, weapons, or decorations that you can't get anywhere else.

  • Buy Cartel Packs: Cartel packs are bundles of random items that can contain anything from armor sets, weapons, mounts, pets, emotes, titles, and more. Some of these items are very rare and valuable, and can be sold on the Galactic Trade Network for credits. You can also collect them for yourself or use them to customize your characters. Cartel packs come in different types and prices, depending on the theme and quality of the items they contain. You can find a list of all the cartel pack contents and their drop rates here[^2^].

  • Save up for big purchases: Some of the best items on the Cartel Market are also the most expensive ones. These include legendary armor sets, unique mounts, rare pets, and more. If you want to get these items, you may need to save up your cartel coins for a long time or wait for a sale or a discount. However, these items are usually worth the wait, as they can make your characters stand out from the crowd or enhance your gameplay experience.

The Cartel Market is a great way to enhance your SWTOR experience with new and exciting items and services. However, it is not the only way to get them. You can also earn some of these items by playing the game, completing missions, participating in events, or trading with other players. You can also use your credits to buy some of these items from other players on the Galactic Trade Network. So, don't feel pressured to spend your cartel coins on everything you see on the Cartel Market. Instead, use them wisely and enjoy SWTOR with or without them. 0efd9a6b88


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