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Where to Find and Watch the Deleted Scenes of Maladolescenza on Megavideo

Maladolescenza Deleted Scenes: A Rare Glimpse into the Most Scandalous Film of All Time

Maladolescenza, also known as Spielen wir Liebe or Playing with Love, is a 1977 film directed by Pier Giuseppe Murgia. The film tells the story of three teenagers who explore their sexuality and emotions in a forest during the summer. The film caused significant controversy because of its simulated sex scenes involving underage actresses Lara Wendel and Eva Ionesco. Because of these scenes, it was banned in several countries, being labeled as child pornography.

maladolescenza deleted scenes streaming megavideo

However, some fans of the film have been able to watch the deleted scenes of Maladolescenza online, thanks to streaming platforms like Megavideo. These scenes are even more explicit and shocking than the ones that made it to the final cut. They show the actors engaging in various acts of nudity, masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse. Some of these scenes are also violent and abusive, as the characters torment and humiliate each other.

Why Were These Scenes Deleted?

The original version of Maladolescenza was 91 minutes long and contained all the controversial scenes. However, when the film was released in Italy and Germany, it faced legal troubles and public outrage. The film was seized by the authorities and the director and producer were accused of child pornography and corruption of minors. They were eventually acquitted, but the film was heavily censored and cut to 77 minutes.

The deleted scenes were never officially released on DVD or Blu-ray, but they were leaked online by unknown sources. Some fans believe that these scenes were stolen from the original negatives or copies that were confiscated by the police. Others think that they were obtained from private collectors or former crew members who had access to them.

How to Stream Maladolescenza Deleted Scenes on Megavideo?

If you are curious about watching the deleted scenes of Maladolescenza online, you can find them on streaming platforms like Megavideo. However, you should be aware that these scenes are illegal in many countries and may expose you to legal risks. You should also be prepared for the disturbing and graphic nature of these scenes, which may not be suitable for everyone.

To stream Maladolescenza deleted scenes on Megavideo, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to a search engine like Google or Bing and type "Maladolescenza deleted scenes streaming megavideo" in the search box.

  • Look for the results that have links to Megavideo or similar platforms.

  • Click on the link that takes you to the streaming page.

  • Wait for the video to load and press play.

  • Enjoy or regret watching the deleted scenes of Maladolescenza.

What is Maladolescenza and Why Is It So Controversial?

Maladolescenza is a film that explores the sexual and emotional awakening of three teenagers who spend their summer in a forest. The film depicts their games of love, cruelty, and innocence, as they experiment with their bodies and feelings. The film is controversial because it features explicit scenes of nudity and sex involving underage actors Lara Wendel and Eva Ionesco, who were 12 and 11 years old respectively at the time of filming. The film also shows scenes of violence and abuse, as the characters hurt and humiliate each other.

The film was banned in several countries, such as Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, and the United States, for being considered child pornography and violating the laws on the protection of minors. The film was also condemned by critics and audiences for being exploitative, immoral, and disturbing. The film's director Pier Giuseppe Murgia and producer Franco Cancellieri were arrested and charged with child pornography and corruption of minors, but they were later acquitted after a long legal battle. The film's actors also faced difficulties and trauma after the film's release, as they were harassed and stigmatized by the media and the public.

Why Do Some People Want to Watch Maladolescenza Deleted Scenes Online?

Despite the controversy and the ban, some people are still interested in watching Maladolescenza online, especially the deleted scenes that were cut from the original version. Some of these people are fans of the film who appreciate its artistic value and its exploration of adolescence, sexuality, and emotions. They argue that the film is not pornographic or abusive, but rather a realistic and poetic portrayal of the complexity and ambiguity of growing up. They also claim that the film is a masterpiece of cinema that deserves to be seen and preserved.

Other people who want to watch Maladolescenza online are curious or voyeuristic viewers who are attracted by the film's taboo and scandalous reputation. They want to see for themselves what the fuss is about and what the film really shows. They may also have a fetish or a fantasy for underage sex or violence. They may not care about the artistic or ethical aspects of the film, but rather about satisfying their own desires or curiosity.

What are the Legal and Ethical Issues of Streaming Maladolescenza Deleted Scenes Online?

Streaming Maladolescenza deleted scenes online is not only a risky but also a questionable activity. Depending on the country where you live, you may face legal consequences for accessing, downloading, or sharing child pornography. You may also face moral and ethical issues for supporting or enjoying a film that exploits and harms underage actors. You may wonder how the film was made, how the actors were treated, and how they feel about it now. You may also question your own motives and preferences for watching such a film.

Therefore, before you decide to stream Maladolescenza deleted scenes online, you should consider the following questions:

  • Is it legal in your country to watch child pornography online?

  • Is it ethical to watch a film that violates the rights and dignity of children?

  • Is it healthy to watch a film that depicts underage sex and violence?

  • Is it worth the risk of getting caught or infected by malware?

  • Is it respectful to the actors and their families to watch their private and traumatic scenes?

What are the Reactions and Reviews of Maladolescenza Deleted Scenes Online?

The reactions and reviews of Maladolescenza deleted scenes online are varied and polarized. Some people praise the film for its artistic merit and its daring depiction of adolescence, sexuality, and emotions. They consider the film to be a masterpiece of cinema that challenges the norms and conventions of society. They also defend the film's director and actors, claiming that they were not exploited or harmed, but rather consented and collaborated in the making of the film.

Other people criticize the film for its immoral and illegal content and its exploitation and harm of underage actors. They consider the film to be a disgusting and disturbing piece of child pornography that violates the rights and dignity of children. They also condemn the film's director and actors, accusing them of being pedophiles or victims of pedophilia. They also demand that the film be banned and destroyed, and that anyone who watches or shares it be punished by law.

What are the Alternatives to Streaming Maladolescenza Deleted Scenes Online?

If you are looking for alternatives to streaming Maladolescenza deleted scenes online, you have some options. You can watch other films that deal with similar themes or topics, but in a more legal and ethical way. For example, you can watch films like The Blue Lagoon (1980), The Lover (1992), Lolita (1997), or Thirteen (2003). These films also explore the sexual and emotional awakening of teenagers, but without involving underage actors or explicit scenes.

You can also read books or articles that analyze or critique Maladolescenza and its deleted scenes. For example, you can read books like Playing with Love: The Controversy of Maladolescenza by Peter Berling, or articles like "Maladolescenza: A Case Study on Censorship" by Giorgio Bertellini. These sources can provide you with more information and insight into the film and its context, without exposing you to its graphic content.


Maladolescenza is a film that has sparked controversy and debate for decades because of its deleted scenes that show underage sex and violence. These scenes are banned in many countries and considered child pornography by law. However, some people still want to watch them online, either for artistic or personal reasons. Streaming Maladolescenza deleted scenes online is a risky and questionable activity that may expose you to legal and ethical issues. You should also consider the impact and consequences of the film on the actors and their families, who have suffered from the film's reputation and stigma. Before you decide to stream Maladolescenza deleted scenes online, you should think twice about the reasons and alternatives. ba313b4491


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