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The Fasting Life

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Amor Amor

Amor Amor >>>>>

The expression Omnia vincit amor originally comes from the Roman poet Vergil, or Publius Vergilius Maro. Vergil was born the 15th of October 70 B.C in Andes, part of modern Pietole, near Mantua in Italy. He is most famous for his grand epos the Aenid.

In the original words of Vergil, it is Omnia vincit amor and nothing else. Amor cannot stand first, as the poem is written in meter, hexameter, to be exact, and in order for the meter to work the first syllable must be long (omnia). The a in amor, however, is short.

Love was first considered a disease after the United States had fallen into a disarray and began to be led by a totalitarian government. Sixty-four years before Delirium began, the President and the Consortium first announced their belief that love, now termed as amor deliria nervosa, was a disease. A cure was immediately sought for and several years later, Cormac T. Holmes perfected it and made it mandatory for everyone over eighteen. 59ce067264


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