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Afanasy Utkin
Afanasy Utkin

FPS Creator - Model Pack 66.rar !!HOT!!


FPS Creator - Model Pack 66.rar !!HOT!!

FPS Creator (FPSC for short, now called FPS Creator Classic = FPS Creator X9) is a classic and foolproof First Person Shooter game engine bringing stunning visuals. It was developed by The Game Creators in 2008, then it changed its name to FPS Creator Classic in 2016 and was released as a free and fully open-source project with many model packs on GitHub. As a result, FPS Creator X10 became its final version update, which should be the predecessor of GameGuru.

Over the years FPS Creator Classic released a lot of model packs, some created officially and some created by third parties. Those artists have generously agreed to release their packs for free as part of this open source project. 1e1e36bf2d


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