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Browser Via TCP All Network Beta V1.1.ipd BETTER

Cypress 4.0.0 includes support forMozilla Firefox browsers (beta support) andMicrosoft Edge (Chromium based) browsers whichis a big step forward forCross Browser Testing in Cypress. We'vealso updated many of theunderlying tools behind Cypress thatbring new powerful features.

Browser via TCP all network beta V1.1.ipd

The SOTI surf app combines a fully functional mobile browser with a variety of security features. Take advantage of our enterprise resource gateway to encrypt all traffic passing through the SOTI surf browser. It provides safe access to your internal network, allowing device users to seamlessly switch between internet and intranet. Additional security features include support for LDAP authentication, web site and content filtering and numerous data leakage prevention options that restrict browser features with the potential for security breaches.

In multiple namespaces mode Moon is running in one namespace and browsers are launched in separate namespaces. The total number of such namespaces is unlimited. This mode is mainly needed when you want to control computing resources, browsers or network access rules (network policies) available for every team. How to enable this mode is described here.

Improved network communication. Moon 1.x relies on Kubernetes DNS implementation (e.g. CoreDNS) for communicating with browser pods. DNS service is known to suffer from caching and cloud-specific networking issues which can in rare cases lead to broken browser sessions. Moon 2.x relies on pod IP addresses instead and does not depend on DNS at all.

Use quota name (alpha-team, beta-team and so on) as username and password from the secret. The same credentials should be used in your tests code and to access user interface. In multiple namespaces mode user interface is only showing browser sessions corresponding to one user.

Video recording allows you to record the video of browser screen with your test scenario running in it. Recorded video can be then viewed in browser, video player or e.g. attached to test execution report. In Kubernetes or Openshift browsers are being run on a random network host and in case of auto-scaling enabled, these hosts periodically appear and disappear. So recorded videos should be saved to persistent storage before deleting browser pod. When requested Moon automatically sends recorded to video S3-compatible storage. Such type of storage is supported by AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and many other cloud providers. To deploy a private S3-compatible storage you can use Minio.

In corporate networks tested environments are often using additional trusted TLS certificates. Such certificates are issued by a root certification authority not known to browsers. When trying to open an HTTPS web-page using such TLS certificate, your browser by default will refuse to do this saying that "Your connection is not private" or "This connection is untrusted". In Selenium tests you can use a standard capability (acceptInsecureCerts = true) to ignore such certificate errors but this will not work when your web-page is using Strict Transport Security.


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