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Download Snow White: A Graphic Novel by Matt Phelan - A Stunning Retelling of the Classic Fairy Tale

Snow White: A Graphic Novel download

Are you looking for a fresh and captivating take on the classic fairy tale of Snow White? Do you love graphic novels that combine stunning visuals with engaging storytelling? If so, you should definitely check out Snow White: A Graphic Novel by Matt Phelan. This award-winning graphic novel is a unique and original adaptation of the beloved story, set in New York City during the Great Depression. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Snow White: A Graphic Novel, including its plot, characters, art style, themes, and how to download it legally and safely. Read on to find out why this graphic novel is a must-read for fans of fairy tales, history, and comics.

Snow White: A Graphic Novel download

The story of Snow White: A Graphic Novel

Snow White: A Graphic Novel is not your typical retelling of the famous fairy tale. Instead of a medieval fantasy setting, the graphic novel transports the story to 1920s and 1930s New York City, where magic and reality collide. The graphic novel follows the life of Samantha White, also known as Snow White, a young girl who loses her father, a wealthy businessman, to a mysterious illness. Her stepmother, the Queen of the Follies, is a ruthless and glamorous actress who wants to inherit her husband's fortune and fame. She hires a hitman, known as the Hunter, to kill Snow White and bring her heart as proof. However, the Hunter spares Snow White's life and tells her to run away. Snow White finds refuge in an abandoned tenement building, where she meets seven street children who become her friends and protectors. Meanwhile, the Queen consults her magic mirror, which is actually a stock ticker tape machine that tells her who is the fairest of them all. When she learns that Snow White is still alive, she devises a new plan to get rid of her once and for all.

How will Snow White survive in the harsh and dangerous city? Will she ever find true love and happiness? How will the graphic novel end compared to the original fairy tale and other adaptations? You will have to read Snow White: A Graphic Novel to find out. We guarantee that you will be surprised and delighted by the twists and turns that Matt Phelan has created for this timeless story.

The characters of Snow White: A Graphic Novel

One of the most appealing aspects of Snow White: A Graphic Novel is the way it reimagines the characters of the fairy tale in a realistic and relatable way. Here are some of the main characters and their roles in the graphic novel:

  • Snow White: The protagonist of the graphic novel, Snow White is a kind, brave, and innocent girl who has to face many hardships and dangers in her life. She loves her father dearly and misses him after his death. She is also fond of reading books and watching movies, especially ones with Prince Charming, a handsome and charming actor who resembles her father. She is loyal to her friends, the seven street children, who help her survive in the city.

  • The Queen of the Follies: The antagonist of the graphic novel, the Queen of the Follies is a beautiful and ambitious actress who marries Snow White's father for his money and fame. She is obsessed with her appearance and popularity, and will stop at nothing to eliminate anyone who threatens her position. She uses her magic mirror, a stock ticker tape machine, to monitor the stock market and her rivals. She is cruel, cunning, and ruthless, and will not hesitate to kill Snow White or anyone else who stands in her way.

  • The Hunter: The Queen's hired assassin, the Hunter is a mysterious and dangerous man who wears a trench coat and a fedora hat. He is skilled with a knife and a gun, and follows the Queen's orders without question. However, when he meets Snow White, he feels pity for her and decides to spare her life. He tells her to run away and never come back, and gives her his knife as a gift. He later regrets his decision and tries to find Snow White again, but it is too late.

  • The Seven: Snow White's friends and protectors, the Seven are a group of street children who live in an abandoned tenement building. They are named after their nicknames, which are based on their personalities or abilities. They are: Big Al, the leader of the group; Jimbo, the strongest one; Dex, the smartest one; Tubby, the fattest one; Vern, the smallest one; Will, the quietest one; and Tommy, the youngest one. They welcome Snow White into their home and teach her how to survive in the city. They also defend her from the Queen's agents and other dangers.

  • Prince Charming: Snow White's love interest, Prince Charming is a famous and handsome actor who stars in many romantic movies. He looks like Snow White's father when he was young, which makes Snow White feel a connection with him. He also happens to be filming a movie near Snow White's tenement building, which gives her a chance to meet him in person. He is kind, gentle, and charming, and falls in love with Snow White at first sight.

These are just some of the characters that you will encounter in Snow White: A Graphic Novel. There are also other minor characters that play important roles in the story, such as Snow White's father, the Queen's maid, the police officers, and more. You will enjoy discovering how each character contributes to the plot and how they interact with each other.

The art style of Snow White: A Graphic Novel

Another remarkable feature of Snow White: A Graphic Novel is its stunning art style that captures the mood and atmosphere of the story. Matt Phelan uses watercolor illustrations that create a soft and dreamy effect. He also uses color, contrast, and symbolism to convey different emotions and themes. For example:

  • He uses black and white for most of the scenes, except for some flashes of color that highlight important elements or moments. For instance, he uses red for blood, fire, apples, roses, lipstick, etc., to symbolize danger, passion, violence, or death. He uses yellow for light bulbs, stars, coins, etc., to symbolize hope, wealth, or fame. He uses green for trees, grass, leaves, etc., to symbolize nature or life.

The themes of Snow White: A Graphic Novel

Snow White: A Graphic Novel is not just a simple retelling of a fairy tale. It is also a rich and complex exploration of various themes that are relevant to the historical and social context of the story. Some of the themes that the graphic novel addresses are:

  • Good vs. evil: This is the most obvious and classic theme of the fairy tale, which pits Snow White, the embodiment of goodness and innocence, against the Queen, the embodiment of evil and vanity. The graphic novel shows how good and evil are not always clear-cut or easy to distinguish, and how they can be influenced by external factors, such as power, money, or fame. For example, the Queen is not born evil, but becomes corrupted by her ambition and greed. The Hunter is not inherently evil, but does evil deeds for money and loyalty. Snow White is not flawless, but makes mistakes and learns from them.

  • Love and friendship: This is another common theme of the fairy tale, which shows how love and friendship can overcome adversity and bring happiness. The graphic novel depicts different types of love and friendship, such as romantic love, familial love, platonic love, and self-love. For example, Snow White finds true love with Prince Charming, who loves her for who she is and not for her beauty. She also finds familial love with her father, who gives her a happy childhood and a locket with his picture. She finds platonic love with the Seven, who become her loyal friends and protectors. She also finds self-love by accepting herself and her fate.

  • Identity and belonging: This is a more subtle and nuanced theme of the graphic novel, which shows how identity and belonging are shaped by one's environment and experiences. The graphic novel portrays different characters who struggle with their identity and belonging, such as Snow White, the Queen, the Hunter, and the Seven. For example, Snow White loses her identity and belonging when her father dies and she has to flee from her home. She tries to find a new identity and belonging in the city, but faces many challenges and dangers. The Queen loses her identity and belonging when she becomes obsessed with her beauty and fame. She tries to maintain her identity and belonging by eliminating her rivals, but ends up isolating herself from everyone. The Hunter loses his identity and belonging when he betrays his employer and his conscience. He tries to regain his identity and belonging by finding Snow White again, but fails to do so. The Seven lose their identity and belonging when they are orphaned or abandoned by their families. They try to create a new identity and belonging by forming a group and helping each other.

These are just some of the themes that Snow White: A Graphic Novel explores. There are also other themes that you can discover by reading the graphic novel yourself, such as justice, fate, courage, etc.