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Artemy Doronin

Reggae And Chill

Reggae. Dub. Psychedelic rock and heady blends of all three. Nothing screams summer quite like the laidback beats of reggae-infused jams. And before this red-hot summer is over, you can channel those chill vibes on The Rooftop at Pier 17, with a string of Summer Concert Series shows from bands stepped in reggae roots. Join us at the Seaport this August for the following feel-good live performances.

Reggae and Chill

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Hawaii-grown, California-based reggae-pop group Iration appeared on The Rooftop in 2019, and this summer they return to co-headline with Minneapolis hip-hop duo Atmosphere. This stop on their Sunshine and Summer Nights Tour will also feature special guests The Grouch with DJ Fresh, and Passafire.

What beats a summer afternoon on an NYC rooftop? How about a late summer Saturday afternoon on The Rooftop featuring a top-tier lineup of artists and DJs spinning the best in dancehall, reggae, soca and Afrobeats? Reggae Fest Blaze kicks off at 3pm on August 20th, and the dance party will keep on keeping on until after sundown and into the night.

The folk-rock-funk-reggae-blues band from Ocean Beach in San Diego is headlining their own show, as part of their Summer Traditions 2022 Tour. Assisting Slightly Stoopid with the good-time vibes are special guests Pepper (who performed previously in 2019) Common Kings, and The Elovaters.

Today we've got a  very talented rapper from Canada, k-os (pronounced "chaos"),  and Canada would be the last place to expect this guy to come from. I first heard him at Warped Tour years ago and became an instant fan. He's got the energy and influence of a reggae group, with the sickness of rapping added to it. Well this first track is called "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman" and it is done to the theme of The OC randomly enough. Ive been meaning to post this for awhile, but wasn't sure if it was TSIS standard, but I've decided it is but I want to hear what you think about it. It's got some sick rapping, a very unique chorus, and makes for an overall unique sick song.

Next up is song that is a lot chiller, but potentially to some, even better. This was one of the first tracks that got me to into k-os. It's a chill song that takes a little while to get going with some great vocals, enjoy!

Chill Out is an album by reggae band Black Uhuru, released in 1982 (see 1982 in music). The album was recorded at Channel One Studios in Jamaica and produced by Sly and Robbie. Featuring The Revolutionaries, an influential session group, Chill Out, together with its dub companion The Dub Factor, is widely considered a classic of reggae music. 041b061a72


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