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Mahmood Gusev
Mahmood Gusev

The Halcyon (2017)

The Halcyon (2017) is an ITV series set in a luxury hotel, The Halcyon, during World War II, specifically in 1940. It follows a large cast of characters who include hotel staff to aristocrats to outsiders. It starred Steven Mackintosh, Olivia Williams, Ewan Mitchell and Hermione Corfield.

The Halcyon (2017)


Halcyon days are always bracketed. The kingfisher teaches me that the halcyon path is one of twists and turns, appearances and vanishings, troubling obstacles and unexpected wonders. That bracketing can be as thrilling as riled waves on the Oregon coast, or it can indeed be a troubling time.

In 2007, I was chair of PharmaSIG and a ChemEnvoy. That year I won the ChemEnvoy of the year award, I was involved with the Science Media Centre and really enjoying my role as a spokesman for IChemE. Also, at that time PharmaSIG was earning money allowing us to give away up to 3000 per year in student bursaries. There was no doubt that my wishes and interests were fully aligned with IChemE's Royal Charter and charitable status. I was proud to be a fellow of IChemE and they were indeed halcyon days.

Why did it all go wrong? The major reason seems to be financial constraints brought about by the poor financial state of IChemE, caused, in my opinion, by poor management by Council. This has been exacerbated by the removal of the staff support from Rugby. Back in those halcyon days, the staff support led by Audra Morgan was second to none, I had the fullest praise for her and her team. PharmaSIG used to meet in Rugby or London so that a staff member could easily attend our meeting. This support has now all but vanished and we do not bother to go to Rugby anymore.

Why did I sign that requisition? Simple, I would like those halcyon days to return, I would love to be proud to be fellow of IChemE again, I would love to return to the position where my wishes and interests are fully aligned with the IChemE Royal Charter and charitable status!

The Halcyon (2017) is the story of a beautiful five-star hotel in London in the middle of WW2. This British drama about glitz and glamour during wartime and the impact the war has on nearly everyone in London is infectious. What is especially alluring about The Halcyon is the hunky man-on-man kiss between Akshay Kumar and Edward Bluemel. The studs share a gay make out session while wearing their tailored suits. We'd love to check into this hotel. 041b061a72


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