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Holiday Harmony [2021]

Parents need to know that Holiday Harmony is a family holiday movie about a young singer looking to make her mark in the big city who instead finds meaning, community, and love in small-town Oklahoma. Adults kiss, and sex is implied. Someone mentions selling drugs in middle school. Adults drink alcohol.

Holiday Harmony

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Much of Holiday Harmony feels stiff and pre-programmed at first, adhering to the expected themes that many modern winter holiday-focused movies rely on. It's time to retire the overused scene in which a new love interest leaps to the wrong conclusions while eavesdropping. Beyond the use of such lazy plot devices, able performances by Annelise Cepero and Brooke Shields, as well as tear-inducing moments that dwell on the meaning of home and family, ultimately redeem this as sweet family holiday entertainment.

Every year, we celebrate Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, and more with numerous holiday events set throughout Nashville that offer joyful celebrations and beautiful decorations for people of all ages. Share your time with friends or family in Music City and spread the spirit of the season.

After the events of Trolls World Tour, During the holiday season, Poppy explains to Branch that she is planning a gift exchange, with baskets filled with invitations; each one has the name of another Troll in Troll Kingdom. The Troll has to buy a secret gift for that Troll and will meet in Pop Village in three days time to exchange gifts. Poppy and Branch deliver the baskets all around the kingdom before finishing in Pop Village. When they are done, they pick out the last cards and pull out each other's names, with Poppy excited to have pulled Branch's name and Branch horrified to have pulled Poppy's. Nervously, both part ways.

*NOTE: May 1st thru the 10th we will be on Holiday pricing. If placing an order during that time, the arrangement displayed "as shown" will be adjusted do to the holiday pricing. Please call the store if you have any questions. Flowers,plants and containers are subject to availability, if needed we will substiute for something similar in color and style. We also offer custom arrangements if you are wanting something that is not on our website. Please call the store directly for this service.

With Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell handling all guitars and vocals on this holiday album, Andrew Gold becomes a third member of sorts, producing, arranging, engineering, and playing all the other instruments (except for the viola on "Let It Snow"). Although three of these 13 tracks are holiday-themed originals, the bulk is devoted to America's interpretation of Christmas and holiday standards, most of them very well-known: "Winter Wonderland," "Let It Snow," "White Christmas," "Sleigh Ride," "Silver Bells," "Frosty the Snowman," "Silent Night," "The First Noel." It's competent, but has the air of a throwaway, in common with many Christmas albums by past-their-prime acts. Certainly America-type traits are often heard, as on the curtain-raising "Winter Wonderland," where some of the harmonies seem arranged to mimic the ones from their old hit "A Horse With No Name." It's an understated, tame, and inconsequential recording with a smooth adult contemporary rock sheen, not high on the ladder of options for either holiday collections or America releases.

Poppy is planning a "secret gift swap" for all of Trolls Kingdom. When both Poppy and Branch end up drawing each other's name, things take an unexpected turn. Both are at a loss finding the perfect gift for the most important troll in their lives. Meanwhile, Tiny Diamond comes down with a bad case of writer's block while trying to think of a holiday rap for his dad, Guy Diamond. On the journey to get his flow back, Tiny will meet new friends that guide him to look through the clutter. Will Poppy and Branch finally come up with the perfect gift idea for one another? DreamWorks' Trolls: Holiday in Harmony will light-up the holiday season with festive traditions, musical moments and heartfelt humor for audiences around the world![2]

After 3 long years without live shows, we are very excited to perform for our audience, both old and new. Come and share our joy in song at Holiday Harmony with the Capital City Chorus! Enjoy seasonal favourites in warm, 4-part harmony performed by the Chorus and several of our quartets. This show has something for every member of your family and is sure to warm your hearts and get you into the spirit of the season.

Na Leo Lani had a great time rolling out our holiday show for the public at Kahala Mall on December 8. We were joined on three songs by our Sing With Us for the Holidays guest. Afterwards, a large contingent headed over to The Counter for burgers and fries for our chorus fundraiser. Thank you, ladies, for all you do for Na Leo Lani, and thank you to our supportive audience at the mall.

Holidays are hard for divorced families. It may be the first time that a parent is without their children during this special time. Children may feel torn between parents. And even logistics can be stressful. But with a few simple tips the holidays can once again be a source for creating good family memories.

The biggest mistake Hartley sees in planning for future holidays in mediation is people making agreements, even casually, before understanding their rights if they were to go to court. Sometimes a person will agree to a much lower amount of parenting time than what they are entitled to by law. Such as giving up holidays. It is very hard to walk back without creating animosity.

Pick-ups from school for the holiday season instead of the house of a parent can reduce tension by removing an opportunity for parents to communicate (or sometimes fight) in front of the kids, or even try to talk the children out of going.

1. Take your time. If you're just getting divorced, be sure your holiday parenting schedule is specific in your separation agreement. Agreements to agree are unenforceable (and are asking for future arguments).

4. Remember you can always file for a modification and get the details hammered out in court. The less you have to negotiate with a difficult ex, the better the memories you will make for your children for the holidays.

During the actual holiday period parents should actively try to create new family traditions, including ones to do when they are not with their children. Some families may even continue family traditions like gift opening with both parents present. Parents often say that while difficult for them, it can be wonderful for the kids.

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Every year around this time, we think about how holiday gatherings sometimes devolve into bitter arguments about political matters, and that's not what we want to see in the world. We're about seeing all sides through thoughtful consideration and lively, considerate debate. 041b061a72


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