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Pillars Of Eternity (1.03 Patch Hotfix) (GOG) Download For Computer ^HOT^

Download :::

Pillars Of Eternity (1.03 Patch Hotfix) (GOG) Download For Computer ^HOT^

If youre looking for traditional Infinity Engine-style roleplaying then youre looking for something else. The systems of Pillars are sufficient to create a compelling character, a great story and a universe of rich complexity, but its clear that this isnt Infinity Engine-IP. Some roleplaying fans have been hoping the developers had planned to bring the Infinity Engine games to a broader audience and that it took them a while to realise that the characteristics that made Baldurs Gate 2 as such a success were a poor fit for the majority of their audience. But I can say with conviction that I loved the Pillars of Eternity experience, its story and characters and everything else, and I suspect, should the developers decide to continue on with this type of game, that it will work much better for a wider audience.

Pillars of Eternity is an epic isometric RPG with tons of customization and worldbuilding, a deep and flexible combat system, and an excellent story that takes place in an entirely new setting. It has almost everything I could want in a game, but unfortunately, it is very traditional, with a terribly rigid and archaic combat system, and a useless skill system that limits what you can do. Please don't buy this game unless you want to support my work on an otherwise great game. This is a sure fire classic that needs to be in every Infinity Engine fans collection, and I wish the developers all the best as they take on the huge challenge of creating a modern sequel to the Infinity Engine. The vast majority of modern roleplayers were not around for the Infinity Engine, and with good reason: those games were too buggy, too unwieldy, and too limited by their restrictive systems. Pillars was an excellent attempt to modernise the genre, and I respect it for its effort. 3d9ccd7d82


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