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Download Treasure Hunt and explore the mysteries of the earth with exciting puzzles and traps

We are a french family. Mum and dad of a knight, a pirate and a little fairy, it is important to us that each of their birthday parties turns into a magical moment. We truly enjoy organising a unique treasure hunt for our children and their friends and see their eyes light up a whole afternoon long, switching from one riddle to another.

download treasure hunt

These clues are ideal for simple Easter egg hunts with your toddlers. Print the sheet and cut out each colour - you'll keep hold of all of these. Hide a treat (or the next clue) near/in/on something that matches each colour. Bring out one colour clue at a time, saying, "Our treat will be hiding with something red. What can we see that's red in this room? Is it behind that red cushion? Is it in our red fruit bowl?" Repeat with each colour.

Get your preschoolers thinking about the objects they see around the home. Print off and cut out these six clues. Hang on to the first clue - this is the one you'll hand your child to get the hunt started. You need to hide the second clue in the trail underneath/inside/near the object shown in clue 1. Clue 3 goes underneath/inside/near the object shown in clue 2, and so on. Choose a simple Easter treat to hide under the last object.

For young schoolchildren, the combo of objects with words means they'll be learning while hunting. As with the preschooler hunt, print off and cut out these six clues. Keep hold of one clue - this is the one you'll hand your child to get the ball rolling. Hide the next clue in the trail under the previous object (eg, clue 2 under object 1, clue 3 under object 2, etc). The final object hides the chocolate treats!

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For super-savvy schoolkids ready for a challenge, why not test them with a words-only egg hunt? Print off and cut out the six word clues. Keep one clue with you - this you'll hand to your child to start the hunt. Hide the next clue in the trail under the previous object (eg, clue 2 under object 1, clue 3 under object 2, etc). The final object hides the chocolate!

I created this free seasonal treasure hunt downloadable for those of you how love to get out into nature and spot all the signs of a new season. This is a great activity to do with little ones too! Get everyone involved!

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

Treasure Hunt Reading (THR) is a beginning reading curriculum that uses a THR workbook, direct instruction videos at, and a handwriting book. It was created by Prenda for beginning, emerging, and young readers.

Social distancing will be difficult no matter what age you are, but my heart does go out to parents with younger kids who may not fully understand why it is needed. With the help of a good friend with littles, we have created an easy set-up scavenger hunt to play with your family. It consists of common household items and uses fill-in-the-blank rhymes to give your kids clues.

Spring is right around the corner and many of the hunts listed below can be done outside. However, since spring can have some unpredictable weather, there are many on the list that can be done indoors as well.

I hope you can find some printable scavenger hunts on this list that your family will enjoy and that will help you make happy memories. Maybe you can make a seasonal family tradition with some of the ones on the list.

Intrepid treasure hunters will amass astonishing riches, but watch out! It will take all your wits to navigate the twists, turns, and traps that stand in your way! The expedition will take you deep down toward the center of the earth. How far will you go?

Each game mode has multiple adventure maps where you can earn 3 possible stars on each puzzle. Earn at least one star to unlock the next puzzle and see if you can reach the treasure at the end of each map!

Download one of our free scavenger hunts to deepen your next visit! Scavenger hunts can offer a little bit of structure to your trip and provide multiple opportunities for children to connect with our collection. You and your family, or your classroom, can hone your scientific skills as you hunt for specific plants, make observations, and compare and contrast different plants.

Developed as part of our School Programs Themed Resources series, this scavenger hunt allows our youngest visitors to engage in conversation about basic plant parts and plant functions. Search for giant leaves, roots that grow in the air, and more, with this exciting resource!

Developed as part of our School Programs Learning Experiences series, this scavenger hunt provides introductory information for our youngest visitors on plant adaptations. Every wonder why cacti have arms? What about why you always see bananas in pairs? Download this hunt for your next visit to find out why!

Scavenger hunt apps are mobile software applications that facilitate treasure hunts or adventure games. These games are playable on smartphones and tablets, and often require players to move between different locations. The purpose of these apps is to encourage users to interact with other players and their environments for a more engaging experience.

These tools are a way to facilitate digital scavenger hunts, office scavenger hunts and treasure hunts, and are a type of team building app. The apps are ideal for virtual team retreats or remote family reunions.

TurfHunt is one of the coolest DIY scavenger hunt apps. The program is a fully-customizable location-based treasure hunt game. Gamemasters create quizzes and courses with an easy-to-use design and publish tool. Players can download the app and join the hunt by entering a custom code. The game requires participants to travel to different locations, and prompts players with GPS-triggered challenges. Users can also access the game through an offline mode. Plus, the app has multilingual options that translate the game into multiple languages. TurfHunt provides several game formats to entertain players. The company that designed the program also offers a SmartGuide Tour app for more educational experiences.

CameraHunt is one of the more straightforward photo scavenger hunt apps. The game gives players 60 seconds to find and show as many objects as possible. Participants use smartphone or tablet cameras to capture the images. Players do not have to snap and submit photos of the items, only show the objects on screen. The game uses machine learning to distinguish and identify clues, and awards players points accordingly. CameraHunt can serve as a quick warmup for a virtual meeting or a short icebreaker game.

Eventzee is one of the better event scavenger hunt apps. Users can either choose from pre-made party packs, or contact the Eventzee team to commission a game for a custom event. Participants do not need to be in the same locations to play together, and using the app is simple and straightforward.

Actionbound is one of the more basic free scavenger hunt apps. The platform originally started as an educational tool, and has since morphed into a digital scavenger hunt provider for companies, educational institutions, and individuals.

Using the program requires signing up for an account, however the basic plan is free and enables users to create simple hunts. Individual bound designers create the hunt from a desktop device, and can include media files like video and photos. Players download the app and scan a QR code to start the hunt.

To use the Geocaching app for team building, you can deposit items in your teammates cities while visiting or enlist the help of a local to hide items for you. Or, you can encourage your crew to hunt nearby treasure and share their findings in a group chat or cloud photo album.

Huntzzz is half treasure hunt and half tour guide. The app facilitates digital scavenger hunts in real life locations by providing a list of clues to follow. Users can choose from a variety of existing hunts, or can create and share a new game. Players can adjust the difficulty level of the clues throughout the game, or can trade virtual coins in exchange for hints. Participants hunt for treasure chests, each of which contains a digital scroll full of fun facts. The app is free, however you can contact the Huntzzz team to commission extra features to make the game run more smoothly.

ClueKeeper is a platform for location-based clue hunts. You could either attend a hosted hunt, or launch a self-guided hunt. The site also provides a search option to find nearby and upcoming hosted hunts to join, many of which are free. Players join the game via mobile device, and respond to prompts by traveling around the city and inputting answers into the app. Each clue leads participants to a new location, meaning the game is a great way to explore a destination. ClueKeeper hosts an online leaderboard, so teammates can complete individual challenges and compare performance with peers. The app provides a fun way to participate in similar activities from afar, and encourages remote workers to socialize and interact more with the surrounding environment.

Our Treasure Hunt provides a suite of online tools for crafting app-based treasure hunts. After creating an account, users can access or reference existing hunts, or can start building a new scavenger hunt. Gamemakers can set difficulty levels for games and durations for clues, and can create competitive events that occur on specific dates and times. Creators can upload photos and illustrations to make the game more visually appealing, and can require players to submit photos proving that they have visited hunt locations. The game creators can make the hunts private or public and send the games to friends or coworkers, and participants play the challenges by downloading the Our Treasure Hunt mobile app.

Monkey Spot is an educational app designed for children, and is ideal for younger scavenger hunters. The app comes loaded with four free hunts, however you can also purchase additional games. The games prompt players to find lists of items, snap pictures of nearby objects, interact with companions, and act out behaviors. Monkey Spot is a great way to keep kids entertained while out, and also doubles as a fun online classroom game.


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