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Precise Dog Food Where To Buy

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We make delicious chunky raw dog food. Working dog owners like us have long understood the benefits of feeding a raw diet and now more and more pet owners are coming round to the logic of feeding raw, natural, unprocessed ingredients. We achieve precise nutrition through extensive analysis of exceptional meats, vegetables and botanicals. Every recipe is available in convenient portion sizes ranging from 150g to 500g.

A friend of mine in another state is a dealer for Precise, so I have a message in to him to see what is going on. There doesn't seem to be availability of any of their foods online and the website is dead. I've had Petunia on their Senior food since she arrived. I'm going to be really bummed if they are out of business, as it has been our go-to food for years.

When Rocket was with us, we had to switch from Precise after a while due to his colitis. We typically had to switch food with him every year or so, so I don't think there was anything wrong with the Precise food we were feeding , it was just time for his food to be changed which we had gone through many times. After a year to 18 months on on any food it just no longer agreed with him. At that time I switched to Purina Pro Plan Focus Large Breed which he did great on. You might try it as a replacement for Precise. Other than a few minor things I think the ingredients were fairly close to the Precise Natural line of food. Others here who had dogs with stress colitis also used it successfully.

Updated info - Apparently the owner of Precise Pet Foods passed away and the company is not continuing in operation. That seems to be all that is known at this time, but all of my friend's clients who were using it have also had to switch foods. He had no suggested replacement at this time.

Precise is a high quality dog food that quietly boasts of having wholesome, nutritious formulas. They are a family-owned business with a good reputation with pet owners. Products include kibble and canned food, and they have grain free lines of food. They have foods for puppies, large breed puppies, adult and large breed adult dogs, a weight management food, a food for senior dogs, a food for high energy, and more.

Precise dog food is manufactured by Texas Farm Products, a family-owned company since 1930. They make their own foods and have an on-site laboratory in Nacogdoches, Texas. According to the company, they lab-test each production run on-site.

The canned foods include formulas for puppies, adults, dogs with food allergies (lamb and rice formula), weight management, and grain free canned formulas. Considering this is a small, family-owned company, they have a remarkably broad selection of dog food formulas.

Potatoes are mostly carbohydrates. They are 92 percent carbohydrates, 7 percent protein, and 1 percent fat. They add some vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and manganese to the food. Most dogs are able to eat potatoes with any problem but dogs with arthritis or joint problems may have trouble with dog food that contains potatoes. Potatoes are a member of the nightshade family and some of these foods can cause swelling and joint pain for dogs with arthritis. Other members of the nightshade family include tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers, to name a few.

We also note that the food has chelated or proteinated minerals that make it easier for dogs to digest and absorb them. You often see this in better dog foods because chelated minerals are more expensive for dog food manufacturers to purchase as an ingredient.

I have been feeding my dogs Precise for 9 months now and they are doing great on it. I buy it at a local specialty pet store and the price is very reasonable. They have a frequent buyer program so once I purchase 12 bags, I will get one free. My dogs are 2 & 10 and I feed them the Lite for weight management. Precise has never had a recall which is very important to me. I highly recommend this dogfood.

I have been feeding my dogs precise since 2000. My dogs have all done


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