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Skachat Fail Hdr

Keyword: AdministrationKPR#:149835LC instrument remains offlineKPR#:149886EMF help information not available using the Instrument Control FrameworkKPR#:149890Do not install msi files by double-clicking the fileKPR#:217785Installation Qualification Test fails when a newer RapidControlIF.dll is installed than has been expected by the LC DriverKPR#:274555Installation Qualification Test fails when A.02.19 SR2 is installed on OpenLab Chemstation Edition C.01.09KPR#:431252Driver release note states wrong firmware revision for G7104CKeyword: CE MethodKPR#:149884CE Method not working for CEC Mode and/or MSInstalled soft configuration optionKPR#:150050Using timetable setting Internal Pressure in CE/p and CEC mode is not appliedKPR#:153012Inconsistent labeling of G7100A - CE System KPR#:462141PSI pressure unit is not supported for 7100 Capillary Electrophoresis (CE)Keyword: ColumnComp DriverKPR#:149812TCC Cluster, TCC2 shows always valve position 1KPR#:149860TCC CLuster remains offline with message "Initialization of ColumnCompCluster failedKPR#:149912Position number after run is reported wrongly for Multicolumn Thermostat G7116B in the report and audit trailKPR#:149913Field sizes for column description and comment have been increased from 16 to 32 characters for G7116B Multicolumn ThermostatKPR#:149914Method transfer from G1316A/B/C to G7116B failed if option "next position after run" was chosenKPR#:149917Wrong display for 2pos/10port and 2pos/6port valves in method UI for G1316A/B/C modulesKPR#:149918No tooltip displayed if linked detector is missing for G7116B Multicolumn ThermostatKPR#:149921Incompatible change in behavior of 2-position/6-port and 2-position/10-port valves in G1170A, G7116B and G4227A compared to Thermostatted Column Compartments G1316A/B/CKPR#:149925Error dialog and error logbook entry for TCCs G1316A/B/CKPR#:149929Control UI for G1316C does not work when using the Instrument Control Framework ICF in client/server setups.KPR#:149930Changing control settings like switching on/off the Column Compartment Thermostat or Leak Detection in the instrument control UI does not workKPR#:149943Import/export functionality in Column Assignment dialog of MCT has been removedKPR#:149962No comments can be entered for virtual tagsKPR#:149976Column information may get lost within VTCs during auto-configuration in some casesKPR#:149977Last injection date and injection counters are not updated in VTC in some casesKPR#:149978Valve-Thermostat-Cluster time table can be edited in read-only modeKPR#:149985Maximum column void volume is 50 mLKPR#:149998Auto configuration fails when changing the valve type in an MCT for an existing valve thermostat clusterKPR#:272678G1316C does not recognize 800 bar Quick Change Valve Heads configured in LabAdvisorKPR#:544343Enforce column in MCT method requires 14 characters or lessKPR#:696959ICC column assignment unavailable in LC & CE Drivers 3.5KPR#:736868Run cannot be started due to the migration of MCT or VTC methods when using audit trailKeyword: ColumnComp Driver,Pump DriverKPR#:149832PumpValve-Cluster & TCC-Cluster halts sequence once methods change valve positionKeyword: DAD/MWD DriverKPR#:149811Incomplete signal description in the online plot windowKPR#:149820In localized CDS for ELSD detector G4218A no signal data is shown or storedKPR#:149829G1315A/B do not show spectral data and G1321A/B show wrong time stamps for spectraKPR#:149830High load on CAN may cause "Spectra runbuffer overflow" entries and a loss of spectraKPR#:149837Autobalace executed although in Sequence table set to "OFF"KPR#:149851Occasional shift in retention times for G1315A/B or G1365A/BKPR#:149898Lowest possible DAD wavelength is 190.5 nmKPR#:150000Retention times may be slightly too high for DAD data acquisition rates below 1 HzKPR#:458238No spectra are collected when collection range divided by steps is non-integerKeyword: DashboardKPR#:149949Module stays offline after a configuration change using the "Modify" functionKPR#:238434Runs not finishing intermittently due to SFC remaining in Prerun stateKeyword: ELSD DriverKPR#:149823ELSD G4218A can not handle change of Sample Time during runKPR#:149825The ELSD method cannot be called by a right-click from the context menuKPR#:149856Runtime of a G4218A ELSD cannot be changed during a runKeyword: FLD DriverKPR#:149862FLD G1321 Scan ranges and threshold under certain conditions not availableKeyword: GlobalizationKPR#:150035Content of localized Online Help texts may not be complete (Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese version)KPR#:150072Flow Modulator requires regional settings in EnglishKPR#:475775Brazilian Portuguese language setting causes driver UI to become irresponsiveKeyword: Globalization,Pump DriverKPR#:149973Pressure range settings may seem to change when using unit psiKeyword: PerformanceKPR#:150066Analog Output and Digital Output signals of a detector do not fully matchKPR#:392755Usage of "Next location" does not work as expected when using multiple Recovery Collectors in a clusterKeyword: Pump DriverKPR#:149819Pump overpressure: impossible to turn off pump via UIKPR#:149834Wrong Flow setting displayed when re-opening the Method User InterfaceKPR#:149836Flow unit in Online Plot for Nano pump is incorrect.KPR#:149838Misrepresentation of Bottlefillings in Dashboad of PumpValveClusterKPR#:149840Solvent compositions during run do sometimes not sum up to 100%KPR#:149845PumpValveCluster with ISET - Solvent composition: resulting %A is wrong (at 1 line in timetable)KPR#:149861Memory leak in pump method dialog may cause performance dropKPR#:149868Blend Assist : Timetable not persisted properlyKPR#:149879Unused solvents are handled differently for 1100/1200 Series/1260 Infinity vs. 1290 Infinity/Infinity II pumpsKPR#:149881Prep-pump cluster stays not ready after restarting OL ChemStation (reconnect)KPR#:149885The 1290 Quaternary Pump G4204A is specified for a maximum flow rate of 5 ml/minKPR#:149895Purge function has been improved for Preparative Pump ClustersKPR#:149909Solvent type may change during a method transfer from 1290 Infinity/II Quaternary Pumps G4204A or G7104A to 1290 Infinity/II Binary Pumps G4220A/B or G7120AKPR#:149928Recorded Acquisition Method has Incorrect Pump ParametersKPR#:149938Implementation of seal wash behavior has been improved for G4220A/B and G4204AKPR#:149950Warning "No matching ISET solvent combination" for G4220A/B pump as emulated pumpKPR#:149951Using the OpenLAB CDS EZChrom edition feature "Extend run" will disable ISET features in the 1290 pumpsKPR#:149986Seal wash for Preparative Pump G1361A or Preparative Pump Cluster is displayed as "off" even when it's onKPR#:149989Wrong purge flow and duration shown in prepare pump dialog depending on regional settingsKPR#:149992Shutdown recovery does not work for Preparative Pump Clusters in a Multi-Controller environmentKPR#:236386Unexpected shutdown of Chromatographic Data System when executing a pump purgeKeyword: Pump MethodKPR#:5298592DLC peak-based high resolution cut can be longer than expectedKeyword: Pump StatusKPR#:537392Client/server environment: Pump status information not visible in LC Dashboard Keyword: ReportsKPR#:149972Columns are not reported correctly when switching valvesKPR#:150046Not acquired signal A (VWD) leads to a "Manual Control" entry in the Result Set Audit TrailKPR#:165636FCC: When switching Fraction Collectors during a run in an asymmetrical setup, unexpected fractions might be collected and reportedKPR#:299468"Delete" entry in the audit trail raises an audit concernKPR#:729964Firmware of hosted modules cannot be reportedKeyword: Sampler ConfigurationKPR#:444022Issues when re-configuring capillaries in Dual Loop and High Performance AutosamplersKPR#:511237Performing auto-configuration, the LC Driver does not write the thermostat/cooler information into the configuration. Once the hosting CDS connects to the instrument, the driver detects the thermostat/cooler and requests an configuration updateKeyword: Sampler DriverKPR#:149808Injection valve cleaning, entering new values does not workKPR#:149815Injection Volume not shown when loading a method (Inactive)KPR#:149821Control of Tray illumination missing for G1329B & G4303AKPR#:149822Parameter mismatch for custom-defined Well PlatesKPR#:149824Control of Tray illumination missing for new G1329AKPR#:149826Control of tray illumination missing for G1329A/B & G4303A in Japanese and Chinese ChemStationKPR#:149827Larger injection volume with 90 ul head may be incorrectly displayed after injectionKPR#:149831LC driver starts run with ALS Chiller turned offKPR#:149841ICF A.01.04 - No method download, if method contains pretreatment/injector program steps.KPR#:149843Injection specific injection volumes may get propagated to following injectionsKPR#:149844Dua Loop Sampler: ACQ method shows wrong loop with overlap injectionKPR#:149847Bouncing menuKPR#:149850Wrong Inj Volume with German settingsKPR#:149852the "edit Wellplate type" could not work in OpenLab ChemStation Edition Japanese .KPR#:149855Wrong Injection Volume using overlapped injection and setting InjVol in sequence tableKPR#:149863Carry over with dual Loop Sampler: Injection cleaning: Rinse volume not set in FirmwareKPR#:149880For overlapped injections in vial samplers G1313A and G1329A/B, injection volumes and sample locations are not updated synchronously in the status UIKPR#:149940In OpenLAB CDS ChemStation Edition C.01.07 and below, vial positions larger than 50 are not allowed for Vialsamplers G7129A/BKPR#:149941Description in user interface has been improved for Smart Overlap and Overlapped injectionsKPR#:149948How to handle configuration changes in EZChrom and OpenLAB 2.0KPR#:149954Older versions of ChemStation cannot handle trays in Vialsamplers G7129A/B with cartesian coordinatesKPR#:149990G1329A Autosampler tray types are not updated in Thermo ChromeleonKPR#:149999Sampling diagram has been removed for Infinity II samplersKPR#:150004Do not use instructions Inject, Valve and Remote in injector programs in case of overlapped injectionsKPR#:150005Do not change injection method parameters during overlapped injectionKPR#:150009Under special circumstances, wrong injection volumes may be reported for ChemStation sequences of overlapped injections by the MultisamplerKPR#:150014When a method specifies a wash position, that is physically not available, the method will not be sent to the instrumentKPR#:350975Sampler goes offline in rare cases during runKPR#:540996Power cycling a fraction collector in a fraction collector cluster could lead to an offline clusterKPR#:642470Too long sample names cause run to be abortedKPR#:774879Thermostat temperature control mode improvementsKeyword: Sampler MethodKPR#:187313Method download fails when cooler is controlled in methodKPR#:564878Changes made to the temperature mode in context menu for the G3167A have no effectKeyword: User InterfaceKPR#:149911Time table graph of UV Detector ends before run time of systemKPR#:641732G3162A user interface displays incorrect frequency values for peakwidthKPR#:149817 Product:LC and CE Drivers RC 1200.NET A.02.01Keyword:

skachat fail hdr



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