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What Is Excellence 05:21 UPDATED

The Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA) is a non-profit organization that serves the legal profession and the public by promoting the administration of justice, legal education, professional excellence and respect for the law.

What is Excellence 05:21

The rising start is specifically designed to recognise newcomers to the field of ITAM and the stars for the future. We welcome votes for ITAM professionals with less than three years experience who are demonstrating excellence and showing great potential in the field of ITAM.

Magnolia Health, in collaboration with its parent company, Centene Corporation, has recognized Dr. Angel Johnson of Hattiesburg Clinic - Purvis Family Practice Clinic with a national award for clinical excellence.

Each spring, our faculty members choose a graduating cognitive science major with the strongest combination of academic excellence and outstanding accomplishments in research. This year, two seniors were selected: Kimberly Wong and Mingyu Yang. Congratulations!

As many of you know, America's communities have been trying to review theways in which police officers do their jobs, how they handle deadly confrontations, andhow they protect and respect the people they serve. There are nearly 700,000 lawenforcement officers nationwide, and the overwhelming majority of them arehard-working public servants who do a dangerous job justly, fairly, with excellence andwith honor. They put their lives on the line every day in the pursuit of justice and publicsafety, and they do that because they care about the people they are committed to serving.

And yet the issue is not what occurs in any one city -- be it New York orWashington. The issue is national and touches people everywhere. For too many people,especially in minority communities, the trust that is so essential to effective policing doesnot exist because residents believe that police have used excessive force, that lawenforcement is too aggressive, that law enforcement is biased, rude, and unfair.

As a result of what police and community groups have both expressed, the JusticeDepartment has announced a five-point plan. The first step is to expand and to promotethe kind of partnership and dialogue that develops the mutual trust and confidencebetween police and the people they serve. The Justice Department is going to hold aseries of meetings between police and community organizations, and try to focus on waysin which these two groups can work together. In this respect, the concepts of communitypolicing and community prosecution can teach us a great deal, for they seek to improvepublic safety by involving the community and its residents in establishing police andprosecutorial priorities and involving police officers and prosecutors in the communitiesthey serve. By breaking down suspicions, building up the trust, the community-orientedpolice officer becomes the peacemaker and the problem-solver without relinquishing hisor her enforcement duties.

In sum, I think we have begun to address the issue of police integrity in variousways - from trying to create a dialogue between community leaders and the police to thedifficult task of trying to collect data on police abuse. I am hopeful that we can create asystem that will prevent horrible abuses from occurring - and prevent the poisoning ofthe relationship between residents of communities and law enforcement on what I hopeare, at the very most, the extremely rare occasions in which incidents do occur.

I am tremendously excited to publicly announce a project with which I have beeninvolved. Last Fall, President Clinton asked me to organize a group of lawyers whocould generate a plan on what lawyers could do to further the goals of racial justice. Many of the people in the initial meetings I have held on this topic are in this room today. Similar professional groups, such as those in higher education and the faith communities,have also been meeting to discuss what they can do to promote racial justice. But itoccurred to me that lawyers have a special role to play in this. Not only because so muchof our nation's progress on race has occurred through law - from the FourteenthAmendment's guarantee of "equal protection of the laws" to the Civil Rights struggles inthe 1950s and 1960s - but also because law has historically been a tool that has createdracial injustice. From the original Constitution's protection of slavery to Jim Crowstatutes, law has often been used as a mechanism to oppress racial minorities. It is atribute to our country that the very tool that has kept us down has been used over the pastfifty years to keep us strong.

Now let me be frank: To accomplish this, I need your help. I need your ideas, andI need your participation. If you have projects that you think are worthy of emulating ona national scale, please send them to me. And if you are willing to contribute some ofyour time to help organize the bar in your own city to create a structure for implementingthe projects you all identify as important, that will help us along tremendously. I do notwant this to be something that comes out of Washington, out of touch to what people inindividual cities need, or what lawyers in individual cities might see as their uniquecontribution. And so, I need you, and I ask that you join with me. If we can worktogether to this task, I am confident that this country can be even greater than it is now.

So in honour of the recent World Nursing Day (May 12th), what are some of the things which process excellence professionals learn from nurses? While the list can be large I have picked five of the most relevant:

Nurses are just not care givers but also health educators who play the role of educating patients on what need to be done to maintain a healthy life. They also act as teachers for other budding nurses, provide mentorship to fellow nurses and provide latest knowledge and information from fields such as medicine, medical technology, customer-service, healthcare legislations etc , so that nurses are updated.

Like nurses, process professionals must focus on continual learning and teaching. They need to focus on creating cadre of change agents who can contribute in process excellence efforts. A successful process excellence deployment is one in which process efforts have become a part of business-as-usual activities of an organisation. And this would happen through repeated training and awareness facilitated by PEX Pros.

To summarize, if nurses are responsible for quality of human life, the work of process excellence professionals is to ensure the health of an organisation by focussing on the process management system.

Dr. Cannon joined the CCK team in 1986 after completing his residency and fellowship at the University of Kansas Medical School, where he garnered much respect from peers and faculty alike. After 35 years of service, Dr. Cannon has become synonymous with the mission of excellence and values at the core of the Cancer Center of Kansas patient care. Like all of our physicians, he has dedicated his career to CCK and our patients throughout the state. To illustrate the same, he not only sees patients in Wichita but, he like his partners, travels weekly to rural treatment centers to provide quality care to the rural areas. The Cancer Center of Kansas is so proud to have such a well-deserving physician as part of our team.

His Holiness(aba) said that when there were prisoners taken at the Battle of Badr, the Holy Prophet(sa) consulted with Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) and Hazrat Umar(ra) as to what should be done with them. Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra) suggested that they should be released only after having paid an expiation. Hazrat Umar(ra) suggested that the prisoners should be handed over to them so that they may kill them. The Holy Prophet(sa) preferred the suggestion given by Hazrat Abu Bakr(ra). The next day, a Companion(ra) found the Holy Prophet(sa) crying. Upon asking what the reason was, the Holy Prophet(sa) said that it had been revealed to him:

His Holiness(aba) said that this narration has been presented in Sahih Muslim. Various historians have taken this to mean that God preferred the option given by Hazrat Umar(ra). However, this is not clear from the narration and from the corresponding verse. In fact, historians have misunderstood this verse. His Holiness(aba) said that the Second Caliph, Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad(ra) has given an explanatory note with this verse in which he refutes this misunderstanding. Muslim historians and commentators say that with the revelation of this verse, God expressed His displeasure with the decision of the Holy Prophet(sa) taking an amount as expiation and freeing the captives. The Second Caliph explains that this is completely untrue because; at that point there was no commandment which forbade the taking of expiation in exchange for the freedom of captives. Secondly, before this incident, the Holy Prophet(sa) had released two captives at Nakhlah after taking expiation from them. Thirdly, only two verses later, God commands the Holy Prophet(sa) to spend out of what he receives from the spoils of war.

His Holiness(aba) said that we should continue to pray for the Palestinians. Though the bloodshed has ceased, history tells us that after some time, in one way or another, the enemy commits cruelties against the Palestinians. His Holiness(aba) prayed that may Allah have mercy on them and grant the Palestinians true freedom. May He also grant the Palestinians such leaders who are wise and are firm in implementing what they say and taking their right.

Ayyaz Yunus of Australia who passed away on March 24 as a result of drowning. He was always ready to serve in whatever capacity was required. He was young and had not even married yet.

Before I start I have a confession to make. Up until a few years ago, I was somewhat unaware that I am a minority. I am from El Paso, Texas, a very Latino place (80%). Once I left El Paso I realized that actually I am a minority, especially in academia. I had hints of this all my life, but as I grew older I began to notice them more each time I left home. 041b061a72


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