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26 Days and Done!! - Day 26

At this point in the fast, I was running out of things to talk about so I waited until the end to do a final video.  While I caved on day 26, I don't consider the effort a failure by any means.  This fast ended up doing more for my body than any medicine or fitness program could have ever done in this timeframe.  My facial appearance began to change more and more over the coming month as the regenerative processes continued to work and I typically like to say that I got a free face lift out of the entire experience!

I continue to do regular 72 and 120 hour fasts and did complete a 12 day one in February 2019 but have yet to match the length of this one.  To be clear, I do not recommend or think that people need to do a fast of this length to get the benefits of fasting.  I did this as more of a personal challenge to myself and to show people that the body can withstand long periods of fasting and therefore should not fear shorter ones.

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