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What are fasting retreats?

These are events held at my personal residence in Tampa, Florida.  During your stay, you will complete a water fast in a private, peaceful home away from normal distractions.  Others may or may not be in attendance. Rates are per day and you may choose from 1 to 5 day water fasts.  Workshops are held to help you better understand fasting, the keto diet and overall health.  The home is a 4 bed 3 bath home with 2700 square feet and has a dock on a lake.  During the retreat, you will have a lot of down time to rest and relax and can use it to fish, shoot pool, exercise with Peloton or engage with other like-minded people.  In person attendance is open to 3 individuals per event due to room limitations.  Couples can attend together too.  Upcoming retreats can be found at the bottom of this page or by following this link or visiting the home page.   Scroll down to the events and then click on RSVP.  There you will see additional details, schedule of workshops and cost along with an opportunity to buy tickets to the event.


Can I bring food to the retreat?

No, the retreat is for people to fast without the normal distractions of their daily lives. 


I am interested in attending a fasting retreat but unsure I can complete the fast.

It is not mandatory that you complete the water fast to attend.  While no food will be available at the residence to assist those who are doing a fast, you are welcome to drive to nearby restaurants to eat.  We just ask that you do not bring food back to the residence out of respect to those who are fasting.  You can choose to fast for a shorter duration of the too as an option.


What are the accommodations like at the home?

The event is held at my own private residence; therefore it is not a hotel and you will directly mingle with others in the home.  There are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  The master bedroom is available for an upgraded price and one of the bedrooms will have a private bathroom but it is across from the room.  This room also is a premium room.  The other two bedrooms share the guest bathroom. For more details on the rooms, visit the event page found on the home page or follow this link.


Can I bring a partner or spouse?

Couples are welcome to share a room.  Use coupon code "couple" to get $100 off - must choose 2 tickets and then apply the coupon to work.


What physical side effects can I expect during a 72 hour water fast?

If this is your first fast, you will likely experience cramping, fatigue and possibly irritability.  A lot of what you experience depends on your present diet.  Hunger will peak around 24 to 48 hours then subside, making a fasting a mental challenge from then on (even if you decide to go longer).  To combat these side effects, you will add salt to water to counter cramping as well a multi-vitamin to aid with the body's general nutrient and vitamin needs.  Black coffee and black tea will be available too and aids in hunger suppression and improves the results of autophagy.


What are the benefits of a 72 hour fast?

While you likely are exploring water fasting to lose weight, weight loss is a secondary benefit of water fasting.  The primary benefit is autophagy.  This is a process inside the body that eliminates aged, defective and diseased cells and begins around 12 hours into a water fast and peaks around 72 hours.  In addition, your body's production of natural human growth hormone spikes.  This is an anti-aging hormone and works to restore your youthful appearance.


What should I eat at the end of the 72 hours?

It is undoubtedly an incredible accomplishment when you complete your first 72 hour fast and you will likely want to go to an all you can eat buffet.  However, it is not advisable to rush back into eating.  You will want to break the fast with a cup of bone broth which adds collagen to your digestive track and acts as a primer for digestion.  Then over the next 24 to 48 hours, eat small healthy meals.  You will likely experience some diarrhea on your first fast so stay in a comfortable spot during your first meals.  

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