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Foundational Proteins

Proteins have essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are required for your body to replace body tissues such as hair, nail, skins, and bone.

You will want protein at two of your meals, not so much at night. You can skip it at night because you do not need all the energy that protein yields for sleep.  At breakfast though, it is essential. You will want to fuel your body with protein energy.

As you age, the need for protein goes down because your stomach acids decrease. If you want to eat protein and do not have the acids and are experiencing gas or bloating, you can take betaine hydrochloride to aid in digestion.

It is tough getting quality protein without lots of carbohydrates. Beans for example are loaded with carbohydrates. In addition, you do not want to eat soy in meal replacements (soy protein isolates), diet shakes, and in Morning Star and other meats like this.  Soy protein isolates are poor quality protein and will prematurely age you.


High quality proteins keep you looking young and you want to focus on proteins that are organic and grass fed.  In addition for chicken or eggs, they should be pasture raised grass eating chickens.  We want to replace our tissue with good quality proteins.

Amount 3-6 ounces.

Too much protein at once is not good for the kidneys or liver and can turn into sugar in the body.   For example, those big 12 ounce steaks—avoid these.

3 to 6 ounces, the size of a deck of cards to the palm of your hand is ideal.


If you are a bigger person, perhaps 8 to 10 ounces.

Fish, seafood, beef, eggs, chicken, lamb—you can do any of these. All I ask is you go organic or even better, grass fed, wild caught, pasture raised.

Animals today are getting soy and corn GMO grains and those go into your body.


For vegetarians, spirulina, organic tofu, tempeh, or pea protein powder.

Foundational proteins are important for blood sugar and protein is the main stimulator of three fat-burning hormones, so even a small amount will kick off your fat-burning proteins. Try a little chicken, cheese, or pepperoni if you need a satisfying, fat-burning snack.

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