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Insulin Resistance - The Root Cause of Weight Gain and Many Other Ailments

Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas. It lowers your blood sugar whenever you eat and is known as the storage hormone. Insulin acts as a key to open up cells which allows nutrients as well as fat to enter the cell. You cannot lose weight when insulin is in the body and every time you eat, insulin is released. This is why intermittent and extended fasting works so well, it reduces the body's exposure to insulin.

Diabetes is a condition where the body does not properly process food for energy. Every time we eat, insulin is released which directs sugar and other nutrients into the cells. Over time, a poor quality diet causes the body to become resistant to the intended effects of insulin resulting in a condition known as Insulin Resistance or more commonly known as diabetes type 2.

Diabetes Type 1 & 2

Type 1 - Oftentimes is referred to as juvenile diabetes because people are born with this condition. It is a situation where the pancreas produces little or no insulin and requires the patient to rely on injections of insulin. Type 2 diabetes can progress into Type 1.

Type 2 - This is developed over time due to over eating and poor quality food choices which causes the body to build up a resistance to insulin and its intended affects.

With Type 2 diabetes (aka Insulin Resistance or IR), your receptors for insulin in the liver begin resisting all this insulin. The liver is saying “Stop flooding me with sugar.” When the insulin receptors are full and stop working, sugar accumulates in the blood and you get HIGH BLOOD SUGAR because there is nothing left to bring it back down.

This is why people take drugs like Metformin. They make the receptors for insulin more receptive and sensitive again but take a toll on the body as well.

Combatting Insulin Resistance Naturally

Intermittent and extended fasting works to give your body time to build back up its sensitivity to insulin. This is free and no medications needed!

To lower blood sugar by up to 80 points in 30 minutes, Dr. Berg recommends acupressure applied to the liver, pancreas, and adrenal glands – all hormone producing organs that you can help to heal with acupressure and lower your blood sugar naturally.

One vitamin that helps regulate insulin and lower blood sugar is B1. You can find this naturally in nutritional yeast.

What is crucial though is potassium. You need a whopping 4,700 mgs. each day which is extremely hard to get into the typical American diet. A banana for instance only has 300 mg. So how will you get enough? Eat 7 to 10 cups of vegetables like beet greens or kale.

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