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Agent 47 in Hindi 720p: The History and Future of the Hitman Franchise

The Origin and Plot of Agent 47

Agent 47 is not your ordinary assassin. He's a genetically engineered killing machine, created by a secret organization called the International Contract Agency (ICA). He has no name, no emotions, and no memories of his past. He only has a barcode tattoo on his neck, which identifies him as the 47th clone of a master assassin.

Agent 47 In Hindi 720p

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Agent 47 works for the ICA as a hired gun, taking out high-profile targets around the world. He's known for his impeccable skills, his signature suit and tie, and his use of various weapons and disguises. He's also known for his bald head, which is a result of a genetic defect.

However, Agent 47's life is not as simple as it seems. He often finds himself in the middle of conspiracies, betrayals, and moral dilemmas. He also discovers more about his origins, his purpose, and his humanity. Along the way, he meets allies and enemies, some of whom are also clones like him.

The Hitman Movie Series: A Brief Overview

The Hitman video game franchise has been around since 2000, with nine main games released so far. The games have been praised for their stealth gameplay, their sandbox environments, and their creative assassination methods.

The games have also inspired two movies, both based on Agent 47's character and story. The first movie, Hitman (2007), stars Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47. The movie follows Agent 47 as he tries to escape from both the Interpol and the Russian military, while uncovering a political plot involving his target.

The second movie, Hitman: Agent 47 (2015), stars Rupert Friend as Agent 47. The movie follows Agent 47 as he teams up with a woman named Katia, who is also a clone like him. Together, they try to stop a corporation from creating an army of super soldiers using Agent 47's DNA.

Both movies have some similarities and differences from the games and from each other. For example, both movies feature some of the iconic locations, weapons, and characters from the games, such as the Silverballer pistols, the fiber wire, and Diana Burnwood. However, both movies also deviate from the games in terms of tone, style, and plot. For example, both movies are more action-oriented than stealth-oriented, and they have different villains and subplots than the games.

Why Watch Agent 47 in Hindi 720p?

Now that you know more about Agent 47 and the Hitman movie series, you might be wondering why you should watch them in Hindi. Well, there are several reasons why watching Agent 47 in Hindi can enhance your viewing experience.

First of all, watching Agent 47 in Hindi can make you feel more connected to the characters and the story. You can understand their emotions, their motivations, and their dialogues better. You can also catch some of the jokes, references, and cultural nuances that might be lost in translation. You can also appreciate the voice acting and the dubbing quality of the Hindi version.

Secondly, watching Agent 47 in Hindi can make you enjoy the action scenes more. You can hear the sound effects, the gunshots, and the explosions more clearly and loudly. You can also feel the adrenaline rush and the excitement of the chase sequences, the fight scenes, and the stealth kills. You can also admire the cinematography, the editing, and the special effects of the movies.

Thirdly, watching Agent 47 in Hindi can make you save some time and money. You don't have to spend extra money on buying or renting the original English version of the movies. You also don't have to waste time on searching for subtitles or adjusting the audio settings. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the movies in your own language.

How to Find and Download Agent 47 in Hindi 720p Online?

So, how can you find and download Agent 47 in Hindi 720p online? Well, there are several ways to do that, but you have to be careful and smart. Not all websites or sources that offer Agent 47 in Hindi are safe or legal. Some of them might contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your device or your data. Some of them might also violate the copyright laws or the terms of service of the original creators or distributors of the movies.

Therefore, we recommend that you use only trusted and reliable websites or sources that provide Agent 47 in Hindi 720p online. Here are some of them:




A popular website that offers free downloads of Bollywood, Hollywood, and regional movies in various languages and formats. It has both Hitman movies in Hindi 720p available for download.


The largest video-sharing platform that hosts millions of videos from different genres and categories. It has some clips and trailers of both Hitman movies in Hindi 720p available for streaming.


The leading streaming service that offers a wide range of movies, shows, documentaries, and originals from different countries and languages. It has Hitman: Agent 47 (2015) in Hindi 720p available for streaming with a subscription.

The Future of Agent 47 and the Hitman Franchise

Agent 47 and the Hitman franchise are not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, they have a bright future ahead of them, both in the video game and the movie industry.

In the video game industry, Agent 47 is still active and popular among gamers. The latest game in the series, Hitman 3, was released in January 2021 and received critical acclaim and commercial success. The game is the final installment of the World of Assassination trilogy, which started with Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018). The game features Agent 47 traveling to various locations around the world, such as Dubai, Berlin, and Chongqing, to complete his final contracts and uncover the truth behind his past.

In the movie industry, a third Hitman movie is in development, according to the producer Adrian Askarieh. The movie is expected to be a reboot of the franchise, with a new cast and a new director. The movie is also expected to be more faithful to the source material and to appeal to both fans and newcomers. The movie has no official title or release date yet, but it is rumored to be called Hitman: Absolution, based on the 2012 video game of the same name.

Additionally, a Hitman TV series is also planned, according to the streaming service Hulu. The series is set to be produced by Fox 21 and written by Derek Kolstad, who is also the creator of the John Wick franchise. The series is expected to explore Agent 47's origin story and his complex relationship with Diana Burnwood. The series has no official cast or release date yet, but it is expected to be exclusive to Hulu.


Agent 47 is one of the most iconic and intriguing characters in the world of video games and movies. He's a genetically engineered assassin who works for a mysterious organization and faces various enemies and challenges in his missions. He's also a bald-headed man who wears a suit and tie and uses various weapons and disguises.

If you're a fan of Agent 47 or if you're curious about him, you should definitely watch the Hitman movie series. And if you want to watch them in your own language, you should watch them in Hindi 720p. You can find and download Agent 47 in Hindi 720p online from various websites or sources, such as Filmyzilla, YouTube, or Netflix. You can also watch them on different devices, such as your laptop, your smartphone, or your TV.

Watching Agent 47 in Hindi 720p can make you feel more connected to the characters and the story, enjoy the action scenes more, and save some time and money. You can also learn more about Agent 47's origin and plot, the Hitman movie series overview, and the future of Agent 47 and the Hitman franchise.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn, turn on your device, and watch Agent 47 in Hindi 720p today. You won't regret it!


  • Q: Who is the actor who plays Agent 47 in the movies?

  • A: Timothy Olyphant plays Agent 47 in Hitman (2007) and Rupert Friend plays him in Hitman: Agent 47 (2015).

  • Q: How many Hitman video games are there?

  • A: There are nine main Hitman video games, starting from Hitman: Codename 47 (2000) to Hitman 3 (2021).

  • Q: Is Agent 47 based on a real person?

  • A: No, Agent 47 is a fictional character created by IO Interactive. However, some aspects of his appearance and personality may be inspired by real-life assassins or spies.

  • Q: What is the meaning of the barcode tattoo on Agent 47's neck?

  • A: The barcode tattoo is a way of identifying Agent 47 as a product of a cloning experiment. It contains his date of birth, his series number (64), and his clone number (47).

  • Q: What are some other movies or shows similar to Agent 47?

  • A: Some other movies or shows that feature assassins or spies are John Wick, Jason Bourne, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Killing Eve, and Jack Ryan.



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