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Shaker Furniture Secrets: How to Master the Craft of Building Simple and Durable Furniture with Updated Methods and Tools

How to Build Shaker Furniture: The Complete Updated Guide

If you are looking for a simple, elegant, and durable style of furniture, you might want to consider shaker furniture. Shaker furniture is a type of furniture that originated from the religious sect of the Shakers, who valued simplicity, functionality, and craftsmanship. Shaker furniture is known for its clean lines, minimal ornamentation, and high-quality materials. In this article, we will show you how to build shaker furniture from scratch, with some tips and tricks along the way. We will also give you some examples and ideas of shaker furniture that you can make at home.

How To Build Shaker Furniture: The Complete Updated


What is Shaker Furniture?

Shaker furniture is a style of furniture that was developed by the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, commonly known as the Shakers. The Shakers were a religious group that emerged in England in the 18th century and later migrated to America. They practiced a communal lifestyle, celibacy, pacifism, and equality among genders. They also believed in creating things that were useful, honest, and beautiful.

The History and Philosophy of Shaker Furniture

The Shakers started making furniture for their own use in the late 18th century. They used local woods such as pine, maple, cherry, and walnut, and crafted them with hand tools. They avoided using nails, screws, or glue, and instead relied on joinery techniques such as mortise-and-tenon, dovetail, and tongue-and-groove. They also used wooden pegs or knobs instead of metal hardware for handles and hinges.

The Shakers believed that their furniture should reflect their values of simplicity, honesty, and harmony. They avoided any unnecessary decoration or embellishment that would distract from the function or quality of the furniture. They also designed their furniture with efficiency and versatility in mind. For example, they made chairs that were lightweight, sturdy, and easy to stack or hang on peg rails. They also made tables that were adjustable in height or foldable for storage.

The Characteristics and Features of Shaker Furniture

Shaker furniture is characterized by its simple and elegant design, its solid and durable construction, and its natural and warm finish. Some of the common features of shaker furniture are:

  • Straight legs that are tapered or turned

  • Square or rectangular tops with rounded edges

  • Flat or raised panels for doors or sides

  • Drawers with dovetail joints

  • Wooden knobs or pegs for handles or hinges

  • Plain or arched backs for chairs or benches

  • Woven or wooden seats for chairs or stools

The Benefits and Advantages of Shaker Furniture

Shaker furniture has many benefits and advantages that make it a popular choice for many homeowners. Some of these are:

  • It is timeless and classic, and can suit any style or decor

  • It is practical and functional, and can serve multiple purposes

  • It is easy to maintain and clean, and can last for generations

  • It is eco-friendly and sustainable, and uses natural and renewable materials

  • It is affordable and accessible, and can be made by anyone with basic skills and tools

How to Build Shaker Furniture: The Basic Steps

If you want to build your own shaker furniture, you will need some basic skills, tools, and materials. You will also need to follow some basic steps that are common to most shaker furniture projects. Here are the basic steps to build shaker furniture:

Step 1: Choose Your Wood and Hardware

The first step is to choose the wood and hardware that you will use for your shaker furniture. You can use any type of wood that you like, but the traditional shaker woods are pine, maple, cherry, and walnut. You can also use plywood or MDF for some parts of the furniture, such as the panels or doors. You will need to measure and cut the wood according to your design and dimensions.

For the hardware, you will need some wooden knobs or pegs for the handles or hinges. You can also use metal hardware if you prefer, but make sure they are simple and plain. Yo